Sortino Group in November 2019. Left to right: Cristina Parisi, Federica Leotta, Chiara Giunta, Salvatore Sortino, Aurore Fraix and Carola Calcagno.

Group Members

Salvatore Sortino (Italy)

Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Group Leader

Tel. +39 095 7385079


After receiving the Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences in 1994 from the University of Catania (Italy) he carried out postdoctoral research at the CNR of Bologna (Italy) until 1996. In the same year he joined, the University of Catania where he is now Full Professor. He was visiting scientist at the University of Ottawa (Canada) in 1998-1999 (Prof. J.C. Scaiano) and at the University of Miami (USA) in 2004 and 2011 (Prof. F.M. Raymo). He has authored more than 200 publications and 2 patents in the field of photochemistry. His current scientific interests mainly focus on the development of light-activatable nanoconstructs for biomedical applications.

Aurore Fraix (France)

Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Tel. +39 095 7385059


Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2010 from the University of Brest (France). In 2011 she joined the research group of Prof. Sortino as a  postdoctoral research fellow. From 2017 is Assistant Professor and in 2018 she has been habilited to Associated Professor.  Her current research interests are focused on molecular assemblies for photocontrolled biomedical release. She co-authored about 50 publications and 1 patent in this field.

Federica Sodano (Italy)


Tel. +39 095 7385059


Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2019, she joined the group as post doc fellow in June 2019 with a project focused on the development of NO photodonors and their combination with Doxorubicin in the frame of the AIRC project IG-2017. She is performing part of the research activity at the Department of Drug Science and Technology of the University of Turin.

Mimimorena Seggio (Italy)

PhD Student

Tel. +39 095 7385059


Graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology she joined the group in 2018 as PhD student with a project focused on the development of nitric oxide photoreleasing systems for ophthalmic applications.

Cristina Parisi (Italy)

PhD Student

Tel. +39 095 7385059


Graduated in Chemistry 2017 she joined the group as graduated fellow in 2018 and from 2019 she is PhD student with a project focused on the development fluorescent nanoconstructs for therapeutic delivery.

Sara Payamifar (Iran)

Guest PhD Student

Tel. +39 095 7385059


Graduated in Chemistry 2014 she started her PhD in 2016 at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Science, Gavazang, Zanjan, Iran.

Past Members

Marta Perez Lloret (Spain) – PhD Student

Ivana Di Bari (Italy) – PhD Student

Mariacristina Failla (Italy) – Post-Graduated Fellow

Andre L. Tessaro (Brasil) – Visiting Scientist

Damien Afonso (France) – Post Doc

Nino Marino (Italy) – Post Doc

Federica Sodano (Italy) – Visiting PhD Student

Noufal Kandoth (India) – PhD Student

Sara Maiolino (Italy) – Visiting PhD Student

Monica Camerin (Italy) – Post Doc

Huber Hetteger (Austria) – Visiting PhD Student

Patricia Taladriz-Blanco (Spain) – Visiting PhD Student

Milo Malanga (Hungary) – Visiting PhD Student

Linda Piras (Greece) – Visiting Post Doc

Elisa Vittorino (Italy) – Post Doc

Maria Rita Barone (Italy) – Post-Graduated Fellow

Fiorella Callari (Italy) – PhD Student

Fiorella Callari (Italy) – Post Doc

Elisa Caruso (Italy) – PhD Student

Salvatore Petralia (Italy) – PhD Student

Salvatore Petralia (Italy) – Post Doc